Images from "Everything by Jeff Zimmermann" 

Zhou B Art Center, Chicago.


More photos and high resolution from DropBox:  

Photo Credit: Sergio Gomez

The Prestige

7' x 6' x 7'

One steel cage, balloons, red carpet and a child's sandals


8' x 8'

Acrylic on paper


15' x 6'

Acrylic on paper

Noblesse Oblige

37' x 9' 

Acrylic on canvas


38" x 22.5"

One barrel of light sweet crude oil from the 

McClintock #1 oil well and drum dolly. 

On top of barrel: Resin sculptures 9"

One minute video of exhibition


High rez photos and info: Trayce Zimmermann, TrayceZPR

Ph/Txt: 312-666-9225