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*PR for former client, KURE Corp., March 31, 2016

Media Contact: Trayce Zimmermann   TrayceZPR for KURE Corp.   Ph: 312-666-9225   @TrayceZPR


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KURE Corp. for KURE Vaporiums

Fast Growing, Uniquely Branded Vaporium & Retail Franchise

The KURE Experience

Providing an unparalled, upscale customer experience, KURE is the first Vaporium franchise of its kind in the United States. Whether you're a soccer mom, a banker, a vaping devotee focusing on smoking cessation or a casual, vaping enthusiast, KURE locations provide a welcoming, social atmosphere for anyone KUREious about the booming vaping industry.


Not unlike an upscale coffee house, KURE is a social experience where people are encouraged to relax in our "industrial chic" lounge. Bring friends and enjoy snacks, beverages and free WiFi or drop in, work on your laptop and enjoy a beer (at some locations) while vaping. 


Each location offers an immense selection of vaping brands including KURE Juice On Tap™ where customers custom design their own flavor with nicotine or without any nicotine at all. With over 90,000 e-juice flavor combinations, custom flavors are prepared, bottled and served by KURE's highly trained Kurators™. Our expert staff sincerely enjoys showing even the most novice of customers what vaping is all about. 


Your flavor does not need to include nicotine! Join our "Race To Zero" campaign and earn points and swag while you kick the nic!


KURE Timeline

  • There are currently seven KURE stores open in greater Charlotte with three additional locations opening in Ballantyne, Rock Hill, SC and in the Monroe Area by May, 2016.

  • 36 franchises sold in addition to their four corporate stores. Multi-unit development agreements are pending in other states.

  • Mar. 2016- KURE announces the "Race To Zero" campaign

  • August 2015- KURE launches franchising program; files Franchise Disclosure Document in 36 states.

  • Jan. 2015- KURE announces partnership with Jones Lang La Salle

  • Dec. 2014- First KURE opens in Gastonia, NC 


KURE Corp. supports well-written Federal regulation and age requirements. 


Our goals include:

  • Using our Board's business expertise in capital funding, investments and growth to continue as the country's fastest growing premium vape franchise.

  • Educating the public on vaping facts and pushing back on the tremendous amount of false information "published" by "experts."

  • Breaking down the stereotypical image of vapers protrayed by the media and showing the vaping audience to be vast and mainstream.

  • Encouraging vapors to reduce their nicotine through our "Race To Zero" campaign.


KURE's Race To Zero Campaign

  • KURE recently launched it's "Race To Zero" campaign, encouraging patrons to reduce 
    their nicotine. When patrons reach zero and "kick the nic," they'll be rewarded with points
    for retail, an "I'm a Hero For Getting To Zero" t-shirt and recognition on social media.

  • 25% of all KURE Juice On Tap™ sold are Zeros. KURE's #1 selling juice is just 3% and
    86% of juices sold at KURE are lowest end nicotine.



This information is not complete or proofed as of 3-31-2016. Contact for information.


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