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This is your customer. He's about to recommend you to 784 of his friends.

"92% of all consumers say “a friend’s recommendation is more believable and influential than any paid advertisement.” 

In today's experience economy, a selfie is a powerful recommendation.

Now, with the patent pending Branded Selfie Rewards App, you can incentivize your guests to share their perfectly branded, awesome experiences via selfie by rewarding them with an automated digital coupon code. 

Before posting, Selfie App places your logo on the photo and chosen hashtag in the content. Now your guest is sharing a perfectly branded testimonial to hundreds (or more!) of their friends!

Digital rewards could include a $3 discount on the selfie posters next visit, an instant 30 tokens or 30 minutes free, 15% off your branded merch, a free slushie or slice of pizza or a donation to your charity campaign. The reward possibilities are endless!


































Additional Benefits:

  • You collect user names, email addresses and birthdates

  • You own photo rights -- use customer photos free on your own social media pages, website, advertising...

  • Customizable by store location, regional, national or international!

  • Operationally neutral - no burden on staff

More Uses
Selfie Sweepstakes

Selfie App makes hosting a photo sweepstakes easy. Plus, you'll own the rights to every selfie shared in high rez. Host a local or corporate-wide sweepstakes. Selfie App is global!

Charity Campaign

Millennials value corporate giving. Incentivize fans to share selfies by rewarding their post with a donation to charity. The #1 reason people donate is because a friend asked me to give. Example: " Share a selfie from any #VolareTrampolinePark this week and we’ll donate $1 to #HurricaneHaroldRelief. ”

Social Influencer Meet & Greet

When hosting an event, require Influencer to use Selfie App so every photo is guaranteed to be perfectly branded. Incentivize your attendees to download and share their experiences for additional rewards.


When your staff uses Selfie App to share awesome photos, you guessed it, perfect branding is guaranteed! There's no more need to line the shot up in front of your logo or wear branded apparel.


$10,000 One-time fee for white label app includes Apple and Google stores.

One app per brand, not per location!
$200 per month per location management (Includes 2 offers/month)
Discounts for multiple locations.

One month free when you pay for one year in advance.

Turn your guests into social media influencers.
Contact me for details!

Ms. Trayce Zimmermann
Ph/Txt: 312-666-9225

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Moms trust other mom's recommendations. When millennial mom posts an adorable photo of her child's birthday party, she's just recommended your parties to all of her mom friends on Facebook. Reward her with $3 off her next visit.

Your guest just recommended your karting track to 893 friends on Instagram! It's perfectly branded with your logo and hashtag. Thank her with an automated reward valid for a BOGO on her next visit.

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