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Media Contact: Trayce Zimmermann, TrayceZPR for KURE Corp.  Ph/Txt: 312-666-9225  @TrayceZPR

THIS is a vape shop? (Typical first impression)
The fastest growing premium vaporium & retail franchise in the US, KURE is uniquely positioned

to bring vaping to the mainstream.

America's Most Beautiful Vaporiums. World Class Customer Service. Race To Zero. Woman Friendly.
These photos not for reprint. 

No nicotine is the future. 25% of KURE custom blends are nicotine free. Ask about our average nicotine sales. You might be surprised.

Kurators (expert staff)

Create your custom flavor blend

Disposable tips for sampling

Your custom, premium blend.

Choose from our Kurated flavor menu.

Relax. Vape. Work on your laptop. Snack. Enjoy a beverage (including beer at some locations). Join friends or make new ones.

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