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verb | re·fresh | ri-ˈfresh

To give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.





Refresh your brand's PR and communications!

You've worked hard to build your awesome brand, but everyone can use a fresh set of eyes once in awhile.
Let TrayceZPR review your current efforts & leave you with fresh ideas, solutions & best practices.

Staff training included.


firm's PR strategies, as well as having identified some key opportunities and

- Crisis situations- Identify potential threats and map out a course of effective communication to alliviate issues or minimize problems. 

Staff training session  

During this on-site, two day review:

TrayceZPR will review your PR and marketing efforts.

  • Hits and Misses- We'll take a look at your previous TV, print and digital media hits and misses and point out ways to better deliver and maximize your message. We'll work with your spokesperson on delivery.

  • Press Releases, Newsletters, Website- We'll review your communications efforts for effective messaging and branding. Are you using Constant Contact? It's probably not the most efficient way to communicate with patrons and drive sales. If you're sending press releases, we'll explain why you might be wasting your time and money.

  • Social media- After a thorough audit of your social reputation, TrayceZPR will lay out what your brand looks like on social media. What are people saying about you? What is your staff saying about you? Are you engaging? Is your content compelling? You can have thousands of likes, but if it's not driving traffic and sales, it really isn't worth much, is it?

  • Charitable- Are you choosing the right partner(s)? Both parties need to commit to making charitable efforts a success. Are you presenting the best partnership offerings to attract the right charities?

  • Crisis- Accidents happen. Have you been hit with bad PR? Do you have a solid path of communication in place for issues? 

- Crisis training for owners and management. We'll run through real life scenarios and present the best action plans.

- Social media training for owners. You may not have time to manage this yourself, but you need to understand your profiles and how to keep ex-staffers from highjacking them.

- Social media training for your staff. Generating content quickly and easily. How can you make your fans your social media ambassadors?

- Influencer marketing. TrayceZPR will teach you how to pull off some simple events that result in big crowds and awesome shared content.

- We'll show you the most cost effective, least time consuming method of creating newsletters and email offers that generate sales.


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