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#Truth - There’s no better advertising than a friend’s recommendation.

Influencers are great, but what if all of your fans were your social media ambassadors?

Wouldn't you rather reward awesome posts with a discount than cash?








                 Now, with the new, patent pending
                      “Branded Selfie Rewards App,”

         you can incentivize your guests to share their
experiences via
   Facebook (beat the algorithm!), Instagram & Twitter.



                                              Perfectly branded!
Your sticker/logo placed on photo before posting




                                      Your # placed in content before posting

You collect data

  • Email addresses

  • Birth dates

  • Cookies

  • Full rights to high rez photos of every selfie posted

  • Not to mention social shares, likes, follows and comments.

How Does It Work?

  • We geofence your park(s), store(s) or festival/event. No venue is too big. One app per brand, not per location.

  • Fans download your white label ("Brand Name Rewards App") from the Apple & Google stores.

  • The app is available in any language. Host a world wide selfie campaign!

  • Your sticker/logo and hashtag are required and automatically added to all pics before posting. Perfect branding! No more generic, unidentified or misidentified photos. Friends see exactly where that awesome pic was taken!

  • Beat the new Facebook algorithm. The new Facebook algorithm is bad for brands, but it loves user generated content. Your guests posts will be seen by all of their friends.

Incentivize Then Reward Your Fans

Immediately after a patron posts, they receive an automated, easily redeemable reward code. Reward possibilities are endless!


  • General: ”Thanks for posting your selfie! Here's a code for $2 off your next visit." OR "Redeem this code at our gift shop for 15% off merchandise."

  • Selfie Sweepstakes: “Thank you for entering your selfie into our photo contest!” (Plus coupon for a BOGO)

  • Teen Night: “Thank you for posting your selfie. Use this code for a free slice of pizza!”

  • Vendor Partner: "Post a selfie with Dippin’ Dots and save 25% off your next purchase of Dippin’ Dots. “ (Add the DD sticker to the selfies.)

  • Charity Partner: “During July, post your selfie and we’ll donate $1 to Make A Wish!” (Add the Make A Wish sticker)

The Selfie Process



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