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Media Pitching & Placements

TrayceZPR develops original angles and delivers compelling pitches to local and national media, maximizing coverage to a broad demographic of broadcast, print and on-line outlets. 
Our media relationships are vast and long standing. View some of our placements on the scroll above.

Social Media, Influencers & The Selfie App

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat... there seem to be endless social media options. Which are right for your brand? From URL procurement to teaching your staff how to maximize your brand on Instagram, TrayceZPR can design a well-branded, comprehensive social media platform that's easy, efficient and garners interaction, positive PR and traffic. 

Interested in working with influencers? Trayce managed her first influencer campaign in 2014. And, while influencer marketing is probably a great idea, if all of those likes, shares and comments don't drive traffic and sales, who cares?

An amazing new tool is the patent pending "Branded Selfie Rewards App." Now you can incentivize your fans to share their awesome experiences from your store, stadium or festival. Why pay influencers cash to recommend your brand when ALL of your fans can share testimonials with all of their friends for future discounts or a freebie?  


In addition, before social blunders are made, let TrayceZPR train your spokespeople regarding the pitfalls of social media. Nothing is private. Develop good social media habits early so TrayceZPR doesn't have to clean up later.

Newsworthy Media Opportunities

Press conference? No problem. But in the highly competitive news gathering world, isn't a media opportunity much more exciting when it's held at the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower? During the lunch hour, a press event held in front of the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue not only draws tons of media, it attracts a huge crowd. Instead of holding a book signing at a book store, isn't a signing on the beautiful San Antonio River Walk more interesting? (There's nothing more dull than a book signing at a book store...) Don't you think the media would love to attend a presser at the Playboy World HQ? How about a Meet & Greet on the Universal CityWalk in LA? From concept through completion, these are just a few of the media opps TrayceZPR has dreamed up and executed resulting in millions of media hits.

Crisis PR

The old adage, “Any publicity is good publicity,” simply isn’t true. Bad PR happens to good people. Don't panic. Contact Trayce Zimmermann at the first sign of trouble. Crisis management is a very time sensitive matter.


Media Monitoring

We'll keep an eye out. Is there chatter on social media? How about breaking news that could affect your business? Are tweeple talking about a competitor? If someone is complaining, let's apply great customer service and put it to rest before people "pile on." Of course, we'll also monitor all of your good news!

Launches, Grand Openings & Red Carpets

Preparing for your Grand Opening? Hosting an event requiring the management of a media section? Throwing a private party for influential bloggers? How about a fundraising event for a cause just ripped from the local news? TrayceZPR is expert at planning, producing and promoting events of all sizes.

Community Relations, Strategic Partnering

It's important to be a good neighbor, but with so many requests for help, how do you choose the right cause(s)? TrayceZPR will help you partner with a non-profit organization whose goals are sincerely meaningful to you. Collaborating on events, PR and social media should benefit your cause as well as your business.

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