You Are Not A Journalist If...

February 28, 2015


Ah yes, the old media credential application process. Here's a tip. Having internet access does NOT make you a journalist. You will not be credentialed if:

  •  you’re not interested in an athlete’s human-interest angles because, “that doesn’t matter. All he has to do is win.” Do not ever contact me again.

  • you work for free. “I do it for the love of the sport!” No. Just no.

  • you're expecting a cred because you manage a Facebook page, tweet or do “behind-the-scenes video” for your YouTube channel with 200 subscribers. Take your trolls elsewhere.

  • you tell me, "but I'm providing exposure!" Exposure is my fluff word. Not yours.

  • you argue, “but you have room in the media section! What could it hurt?” My brand. That's what! Letting a fan-pretending-to-be-a-journalist sit in the media section cheapens my brand. 

  • you tell me you're covering for or another big outlet because you're betting that I'll be stupid enough to believe you at your word. When I call/email an editor at the outlet to confirm you're covering for them, and they have no idea who you are, congratulations. Now you're dead to both of us.

  • you simply show up and expect full access because you're "shooting a documentary." If I had a buck for every student who thought he was Fellini...learn about "rights."

  • you don’t understand why I insist on pre-event coverage.

  • you show up to the event without a laptop or camera. Get out.

  • you answer, "for myself" when I ask who you're covering for. That is not an answer.

Oh I could go on...






Tags: haymon boxing, premier boxing champions, publicity

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