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Now Everyone Can #ThankAlHaymon! #PBConNBC is leading pro boxing back to mainstream

Did you watch the debut of Premier Boxing on NBC last Saturday night? More than three million people did. #PBConNBC beat Duke v.s. North Carolina and led the 18-49 demo. That's a great start. Here are my thoughts on the premier.

1) No entourage in the ring! Finally. There is nothing I hate more than those hangers-on who have to get in the shot. It is not about you.

2) The rig. Holy moly. Superbowl quality.

3) The legendary broadcast team brought their special brand of authority to this event. To the fans who hyper criticized the broadcast team, I say, those broadcasters have forgotten more about broacast journalism than you'll ever know.

4) Technology. The "360 camera" is amazing, new technology and delivered a matrix-like view of a replay. More please.

5) It wasn't until the next day that I realized there weren't any round card girls. As John Oliver would say, "How is this still a thing?" Doesn't it seem like "the round card girl" is left over from the 90s? That's also where I left my taste in music...

6) The fights. That's the one thing Haymon Boxing cannot control. When the bell rings, even Al has to hope for the best (I think). They were both expected to be spectacular. That's all you can do.

In the mean time, all you non-constructive complainers (who are really the #fauxjourno bloggers I ranted about in a previous post) should just cut it out. You should be thrilled that boxing is back on network!

To those "fans" complaining that they hate the commercials...this is a business. Pipe down!

Room for inprovement? Sure. It's called tweaking, people. It was broadcast #1. It will be tweaked and perfected with each broadcast.

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